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Demography and Climate Change: I consider demographic sequelae of disasters, and differential vulnerability to looming threats. I study the interaction of population growth with energy use and emissions. I study population change in response to natural disasters such as wildfire. Equity concerns are also important-- whereas wildfires used to affect a relatively small, affluent population, climate change is affecting the demographic profile of the populations at greatest risk from events like floods and fires because the geography of risk is expanding.

Health and geography: I study health and mortality disparities, including interactions between the physical environment, cultural-linguistic context, and biology. Example work in this area includes research on the fetal origins of disease hypothesis from famine survivors; comparative mortality in neighborhoods across California; and air quality measurement and impacts on birthweight. I also study variation in causes of death, methods of estimating small area life expectancy, and contributions of demographic and epidemiologic dynamics to changing trends in longevity.

Demographic Estimates and Dynamics I develop and implement methods to improve the accuracy and reliability of population estimates at various levels of geography, timeliness, and demographic specificity from administrative, remote sensing, and survey data. I use innovative methods such as microsimulation to analyze fertility, mortality, nuptiality, and migration patterns and produce modeled past and prospective rates. I collaborate with Census Bureau on housing and population estimates. I am interested in approaches for evaluating the coverage of the impending 2020 Census, and strategies for anticipating and adapting to a number of potential deficiencies.


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